Creating an Organized Home

Creating an Organized Home

In this episode of The Empathic Parent, I'm talking to Jessica Litman of The Organized Mama about organizing to create a peaceful environment that sets your family up for success and helps your children develop their executive functioning skills.

In this episode we cover:

  • Getting kids involved in creating an organized space

  • Teaching kids to use the systems you create for organization

  • How to balance your need for control and order when you live with others

  • How to avoid being overrun by toys

  • Where to start if you feel like you are not a natural at organizing

If you FEEL organized, then you have won life!
— Jessica Litman

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Jessica Litman is the founder, lead organizer, and creative director of the professional organizing company and blog The Organized Mama. Over the past 5 years The Organized Mama has been teaching families how to lead neater and calmer lives, one drawer at a time. With a background in teaching, she loves showing families how to live an organized life. And, with two little kiddos at home, she understands how to create functional and aesthetically pleasing organizational systems for families. The Organized Mama has worked with brands including Lowe's Home Improvement, Sherwin Williams, Kid Made Modern, Iris, Shutterfly, and Wayfair.

creating an organized home
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