Creating Intentional Work-Life Balance

Creating Intentional Work-Life Balance

In this episode of The Empathic Parent, I'm talking to Suzanne Brown, author of The Mompowerment Guide to Work-Life Balance.

We are diving in to:

  • Why work-life balance is particularly difficult for moms.

  • Why self-care should be meaningful.

  • The importance of being intentional when creating balance in your life.

  • How to handle external pressures and own what works for you.

  • The importance of finding your Tribe.

  • How to empower others to help you.

  • Releasing responsibilities instead of just tasks to free up some of the mental load.

  • How your values play into creating a work-life balance.

  • Letting go of comparison and mommy guilt.

Suzanne is giving you permission to be you and understand your needs.

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Sometimes we feel like we can do it better than anyone else. My question is, ‘Does it matter?
— Suzanne Brown

Suzanne Brown is a strategic marketing and business consultant and work-life balance speaker, strategist, and award-winning author. She empowers moms to think differently about balance, using her own experience and research as well as tips, insights, and advice from interviews with more than 110 working moms. Her first book, Mompowerment: Insights from Successful Professional Part-time Working Moms Who Balance Career and Family is a Favorite Reader silver medal winner. In it, Suzanne gives working moms the tools to successfully transition to a professional part-time role. And her recent book, The Mompowerment Guide to Work-life Balance: Insights from Working Moms on Balancing Career and Family, a best-seller on Amazon, empowers working moms to create the balance they crave. Suzanne, her husband, and their two active young boys live in Austin, TX. In their downtime, they can be found hiking local trails or finding some new nearby or far away adventures. To start your own road to finding the balance you crave download The Know Your Why Guide to

Creating Intentional Work-Life Balance
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