Helping teen girls find their authentic self

Helping Teen Girls Find Their Authentic Self

Teen girls are under enormous pressure from outside influences while navigating their way through an incredible transitional period in life. To help them feel empowered and equipped to handle this journey, Julie Feuerheerdt created The Dragonfly Movement.

The Dragonfly Movement consists of intensive workshops to help girls develop self-love, find their tribe, and create boundaries among other skills.

Julie and I sat down and talked about :

  • The pressure for perfection amplified by the age of social media and what we can do to help create boundaries to protect teens mental health.

  • The power in acknowledging and naming your inner-critic.

  • The importance of parents assessing where they place value of other women and in sharing their own vulnerability.

  • What it means for teen girls to find their tribe and create boundaries in their friendships.

  • How parents can take some pressure off teens and focus on the parts of life that are most important.

Listen in to our conversation then head over to the aftershow at to continue the conversation!

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Julie Feuerheerdt is Founder of The Dragonfly Movement, which is a movement for middle and high school girls to develop a strong, healthy relationship with their authentic selves. During workshops Julie creates a safe environment for girls to openly share their struggles, strengths, relationships and limiting beliefs. Through self-awareness and the power of sisterhood, they leave feeling empowered, strong, connected and equipped with the tools to deal with the challenges they face during this transitional time in their lives.

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