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How to Protect Your Child from Mental Illness

The best way to protect your child from mental illness, is by increasing their mental wellness. And that's just what psychiatrist, Dr. Marianne van den Broek is determined to do.

In an unconventional break from traditional psychiatric medicine, Marianne believes in taking a holistic approach to mental health. This includes not only looking at the mind but also the body and environment as contributing factors to your mental wellness.

In this episode of The Empathic Parent, Marianne talks about the 3 domains that we have influence over when it comes to decreasing the likelihood of your child developing anxiety and depression.

These domains include:

Marianne also talks shares her struggles with postpartum depression and how parents dealing with depression can not only care for themselves but also buffer the impact on their children. 

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Psychiatry is all about mental illness right? Not if it's up to Dr. Marianne van den Broek. She believes that every person can benefit from making their mental wellness a top priority.

Marianne spent 9 years working as an MD and psychiatrist, while starting a family. Her professional interest in destigmatizing psychiatric disease became a deeply personal cause when she suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to her son.

Her subsequent research into ways to raise resilient, happy children, has made her so passionate about the holistic approach to mental health that she decided to quit working in clinical settings. She has made it her mission to make our world a better place by inspiring people to lead a more fulfilling and joy filled life.